Industry and consumer based targeting

All brands are different and have different objectives, serve different needs and are typically in different stages of their product life cycle, which means they face different challenges and varying forms of competitive complexities which are all managed by their own marketers and bespoke strategies.

It is for this reason that market research should serve each brand differently within the context of each brands challenges and nuances.

Market Research Hub recognizes this and provides a custom designed approach to achieve the insights each brand is looking for.

Market Research Hub - Sectors

Knowing your customer audience through a target market analysis helps companies understand which advertising platforms to use, which products and services to provide and what format of messaging and visuals will invite prospects to take action.

Market Research Hub will assist your company with:

Developing customer personas

Identifying the least and most attractive markets

Find niche gaps in the market to fill

Enhance business strategy

Audiences can be targetted in these industries

Advertising / Marketing / Sales / Public Relations
Agriculture / Fishing
Banking / Financial / Insurance / Investment Management
Carpentry / Electrical Installations / Plumbing
Communications / Information
Computer Hardware / Software / Reseller
Construction / Engineering
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Packaged Goods
Energy / Utilities / Oil and Gas
Environmental Services
Fashion / Apparel
Government / Public Sector
Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals
Hospitality / Tourism
Human Resources
Information Technology / IT / Internet
Legal / Law
Media Entertainment
Non Profit / Social Services
Personal Services / Consulting
Printing / Publishing
Real Estate / Property
Restaurant / Food
Retail / Wholesale
Shipping / Distribution

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