ESG and Market Research

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.  Investors in companies are increasingly applying these factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

ESG metrics have not commonly been part of mandatory financial repositing, however companies are now increasingly making disclosure in their reporting and annual published reports in “standalone” sustainability reports.

As the name suggests, ESG covers three key areas being:


Climate change and carbon emissions

Air and water pollution and scarcity

Energy efficiency.

Companies need to understand (via research) how their suppliers and other stakeholders are managing these issues.  Companies cannot be seen to purchase goods and services from suppliers who are disregarding these issues.  To be prudent, companies should invest in Quantitative Research to determine the landscape of all their stakeholders.


Customer satisfaction

Data protection and privacy

Gender and diversity

Employee engagement

Community relations

Human rights and labour standards.

Companies should as part of their ESG strategy develop and gather data around all these social issues and engage with Market Research Hub to assist in building Quantitative Research panels with their stakeholders to gather critical insights around each of these Environmental and Social issues.

Data and insights gathered around each of these key performance metrics will greatly assist the Board and Social and Ethics sub-Committees in developing long-term and sustainable strategies for ESG implementation.

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