Market Research Hub is a full-service market research agency with offices in London and South Africa.

Our foundation is built on delivering actionable B2B and B2C bespoke market research as well as Conversational Research solutions to decision makers across the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa.

The analogy of a hub is “the central part of the wheel, rotating on or with the axle and from which the spokes radiate”.  The hub is thus the nerve centre, core, focal point, pivot and fulcrum, just as the correct data is to any important decision.

Data collection becomes the central focus or nerve system of the business if undertaken correctly.  Like a vehicle the “hub” is the essential part of the wheel bearing and assists in the turning of the vehicle (strategy) in the direction the driver (Management) wants.  Without the wheel hub, (correct insights from the data) a vehicle (business) would not be able to operate correctly.

Our foundation is built on providing a vehicle to do targeted survey based market research digitally through the use of panels that have in excess of 200 million engaged respondents across more than 100 countries.

It is Market Research Hub’s belief that good market research hinges on quality information, accuracy, timing and above all – ethics.

Market Research Hub - Data-Info-Knowledge-Wisdom

We think outside the box to bring you essential intelligence, insights and knowledge

Our research provides data-rich consumer insights which affects how companies connect with their audience.

While general market-level data still serves as an important purpose today, our methodologies allow brands to dive deeper than surface level insights and will serve to drive business decisions and deliver desired outcomes.

Brands require and aspire to obtain insights into the questions they haven’t yet asked and seek opportunities they didn’t know existed, which is why we provide a new breed of consumer intelligence.

We offer:

Access to global markets

Huge time and cost efficiencies

Bespoke questionnaire design in line with desired strategic outcomes

Bespoke customer data profiling

Privacy options and compliance in terms of GDPR and localized Privacy regulations

Assistance to brands to get meaning from the data to make enhanced business decisions which ultimately serves consumers more effectively.

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